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How is your portal different from other Indian Portals?
some innovative features like audio/video introductions, e-mail box, background verification, display job postings, virtual interviews, etc. which other portals do not have.

What is Unemployment Cover and how does it work?
This is a new feature, which no other agency offers in our country. Under this, the individual would contribute one month’s salary to secure himself/herself temporarily against any eventuality like job loss, illness, accident, etc. would give rich returns which will be much higher than most of the financial institutions, vis-à-vis, Banks, NBFC, Corporates.

How would Audio/Video introductions help in securing a job faster?
As we all know that the ‘first impression gives the best impression’.  The prospective employers would be able to judge part of your capabilities and confidence level even by just hearing you speak and looking at your personality on video, which in turn, would help in faster selection and reducing cost on preliminary interviews. So, this is beneficial to the employers and job seekers alike.

How is an email box going to help us, we already have our own e-mail id?
Well, this email box ( will be used exclusively for job-related mails, thus leaving your personal email boxes such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, rediff, etc free from such mails.

What is Background Verification and how is it going to help?
Some of the job seekers post wrong or exaggerated information about themselves on these portals. To avoid this, we encourage the job seekers to get their CVs verified which would give more confidence to the prospective employers due to their credible nature.

With respect to job seekers, this feature is not compulsory. However, verified CVs would grab more attention than the non-verified ones, as they will be on top of the list of job seekers.

How much of the proceeds would be used to provide education to the unprivileged children?
Only 1% of the total revenue (minus the service taxes) earned by this portal would be set aside for this purpose. We shall maintain total transparency in terms of the allocation made, by displaying the actual corpus on the portal.

What is a Virtual Interview?
To reduce cost and time, some of the preliminary interviews can be conducted using tools like webconferencing and videoconferencing. This is a paid service, since this will be conducted by our local representatives on behalf of the customers.
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